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Muktad (F)

  • 18 Mar 2020
  • 6:30 AM - 9:00 PM
  • OZCF

Fasli Muktad (F)

We will be celebrating Fasli Muktad at Z.R.C.C. 1187 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Oakville. Following is the schedule of Prayers for the five days: -

Sunday March 16th to Thursday March 19th

 6:30 am          Morning Satoom & Baj;

 7:00 am          Afringan & Farokhshi;

11:30 am         Afternoon Stoom;

 7:00 pm          Evening Stoom & Hum Bundagi

Friday March 20th is Avardaadsaal

If you wish to give the names of your dearly departed for daily prayers, please complete the attached form and send it along with your donation cheque payable to O.Z.C.F to reach Ervad Nozer Kotwal by March 12th. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MOMENT. NAMES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OVER THE TELEPHONE.

Donation of fruits, dry fruits, flowers, Sukhad, Loban, Tachho, etc. are always welcomed. We would appreciate families helping with cooking the stoom lunches and dinners for the five Gatha days and the midnight meal on March 19th.  Please let us know if you are available to prepare a meal by yourself or with someone else as this will help us with creating the schedule.
Contact Shirin Chaturvedi at
cshirinm@hotmail.com or
Jeroo Madan at
jeroomadan@ozcf.com or
Armaity Anandasagar at armaity.a@gmail.com

The morning meal should be at ZRCC by 10.30am and the evening meal by 6.00pm.

It would be of great help when you bring the meal to stay and prepare the stoom tray and clean up afterwards.  For those families who cannot cook but can stay and clean up after the meal, please let us know so we can sign you up for those dates. Please pick a day and meal you would like to prepare and what the menu would be.  We are estimating 25 people for the afternoon meals and 75 for the evening meals but since these days fall during the March Break, we may have more than the anticipated number of people.

We also require volunteers to thoroughly clean the Prayer Room, House and Hall before the start of Muktad as well as regular cleaning during the Muktad days.  Please contact Ervad Kotwal at (905) 820-0461 if you wish to help.

Thank you, our members, for your continued help, as always.

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