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Lecture "Neryosangh and the Parsi Sanskrit Tradition"

  • 09 Feb 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • 3590 Bayview Ave., North York

 There will be a lecture at ZSO Dar e Mehr (MGDM )- 3590 Bayview Ave., North York, on Sunday February 9 2020 after the Paitishaya Gahambar Jashan by Dr. Leon Goldman. The talk will commence at 2 pm after lunch. The title of the talk will be “Neryosangh and the Parsi Sanskrit Tradition”.

This will be a recorded U-tube version of a talk given by Dr. Goldman at World Zoroastrian Organization in UK on June 7 2015.

 Dr. Goldman received his B.A. (Hons.) degree from University of Queensland in Australia in 2004 with a focus on Indian Religions and Sanskrit. He then returned to London to pursue his M.A. in Iranian and Zoroastrian Studies at SOAS. In 2012 he received his Ph.D. for his doctoral thesis entitled Rashn Yasht.: The Avestan Hymn of ‘Justice’. Text, Translation, and Commentary. This was later published by Reichert Verlag.

 From 2012-2015 he held a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the British Academy, and from 2016-2019 he has worked as part of the Multimedia Yasna (MUYA) Project at SOAS. 

 The talk will describe the innate differences in the translation of ancient scriptures in Avesta and Pahlavi into Sanskrit. We look forward to your attendance to understand the complexities in scriptural matters.

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