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Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium II: #4

  • 16 Dec 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • OZCF

Asha Vahishta Seminar/Colloquium II: #4

Beyond Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds:

And Towards Articles of Faith

The first phase of the Asha Vahishta Seminar Series (AVSS Phase I: Dec 2016-June 2017) served as a new and innovative platform for anjuman discussions concerning topics and concerns about contemporary Zoroastrianism in diaspora.  However, the aim of the AVSS is not to add to the talk, but to change the conversation.  Perhaps it is fairer to say, to re-direct the conversation, or to provide an aim for talk in general.

The conceptual framework of the AVSS engages participants in an interrogation of their beliefs, their faith, and their identity.  Challenging and provoking discussions were held in the first phase, diverting from any previous attempts at community engagement, by way of radical new methodologies to inspire safe, but emotionally vested communication.

In this, Phase II of the AVSS, we are now attempting to implement resolution.  Meaning, we consider talk purposeless, if not followed through with action.  Since our talk is about Zoroastrian faith and fellowship in diaspora, action means promoting just such a vision through the creation of bodies that represent it.

Phase I and Phase II are connected, in that the anjuman must affirm an articulate vision of its faith and identity…….beyond the cliché (and often spoken without depth of understanding)…Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.  We consider that for any religion to survive, faith and fellowship is a necessity.  And faith and fellowship are sustained by a ‘mission statement’ in order to clearly perceive ‘Zoroastrian operating system’.  Such analogies are simply meant to urge you to consider the imperative for a contemporary Articles of Faith or Tenets of Belief that serve as the foundation from which all further discussions take place.

Consider, that if you lack or are unaware of your ‘mission statement’ and do not possess an ‘operating system’ (an idea of what religion is, who it is for, and how this vision is to be sustained and achieved)----then it is inevitable that talk will have no focus, serve no purpose, and lead to no resolutions.

Join us for this upcoming session, as we begin to move beyond Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds and towards an Articles of Faith which is co-constructed by the anjuman as the articulation of Zoroastrian faith and identity in diaspora.

The 4th Session of Phase II is being held at the OZCF:

          Title  - Beyond Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

Date  - December 16, 2017

Time - 1:00 pm onwards for 2-3 hours. Refreshments provided

If you plan to attend please contact Ervad Nozer Kotwal at (905) 820-0461.

For those who would like to join in via Skype, please contact Ervad Xerxes Madan at xerxes_madan@hotmail.com

A gentle reminder to participants to bring with them a pen. Paper shall be provided.

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